Tasting Notes

Rich, rustic, smokey. Hickory and cedar firewood, supported by dark chocolate, cinnamon spice, butter and tobacco. Excellent paired with pancakes and maple syrup. 

Background Info

This coffee reminds us of Paul Bunyan chopping his way through a great forest, wearing Old Spice cologne, smoking a cigar, and not giving a care. It's spicy, sweet, woody, and earthen. Typical of Sumatran coffees, notes of humus and decaying leaves will remind you how much you enjoy building campfires and being outdoors ( it did for us ). 

While some things get old, others become vintage and acquire a patina of sorts, adding character that can only come from journey. The best aged Sumatra coffees wear their history with pride: they become heavy, deep, and resonant, with added mouthfeel and viscosity. Cedar, tobacco, chocolate, and butter notes add complexity to an already intriguing profile.

Much like a 50 year old vintage cognac, this has a faint hint of age which adds to it's charm. Aged Sumatran coffees aren't like anything but themselves, and we love them for that. 


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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Farm: Various
  • Process: Wet-hulled, Aged 5 years
  • Region: Lintong, Sumatra
  • Variety: Linie S, Typica, Kartika

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark