Tasting notes

Caramel, tamarind, cacao, banana, dried berries, Jalapeño; a very creamy, chardonnay-like mouthfeel. 

Background Info

2nd place winner of Ecuador’s 2019 Taza Dorada Robusta.

Last July Ecuador held its fourth annual national specialty robusta cupping competition, Taza Dorada Robusta. We were honored that Paradise’s Miguel Meza was invited to be the Head Judge.

This Coffee from Don Luis Gavidia in Cascales Sucumbios Province in the Amazon rainforest took 2nd place. We have twice visited his farm which is just outside of the town of Lago Agrio where the Taza Dorada competition is held. His farm is a mix of Robusta coffee and Cacao, Don Luis also makes and sells his own chocolate to the local market as well as a a very interesting wine made from the fruit of cacao.

This natural processed coffee was produced from the locally developed Napopayomino variety. This variety produces larger beans than other varieties and has taken several of the top spots in the cupping competition every year. This coffee wonderfully shows the potential of attentive processing applied to this species. A full creamy mouth-feel and pleasant fruit and caramel like flavors with dried banana and spice in the aftertaste.

 After over two decades of promoting Ecuador’s Taza Dorada Arabica - a competition akin to the Cup of Excellence - ANECAFE initiated Ecuador’s first specialty Taza Dorada Robusta competition in 2016.  The project intends to build a new quality market for robusta coffee, yielding higher prices for farmers. As climate change pushes arabica coffees out of reach for many Ecuadorian farmers, some now have a new diversification option: specialty robusta coffee.

We recommend brewing this great coffee via espresso and/or french press. 


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  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Farm: Don Luis Gavidia
  • Process: Natural
  • Region: Sucumbios Province
  • Variety: Napopayomino

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark