Tasting Notes 

Full, rich, strong and satisfying. Ultra-heavy body with high caffeine and low acidity. Caramelized sugar, walnut, cedar, chocolate and wood-spice. 

Background Info

Our newest blend is dedicated to all you hard working people. Dark, bold and strong, this coffee was built to be both stimulating and satisfying -- a boost of caffeine along with a heavy body.

Like a Blacksmith's hands, it's strong enough to chisel through anything from heavy cream to morning grog. Dragging at work? Here's your solution. Looking for a new cold brew? Blacksmith will be your new go-to. Like big Sumatra coffees? You'll dig this too. And if you're looking for a treat, we suggest a splash of Irish Cream. 



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  • Continent: South America, Asia
  • Country: Ecuador, Thailand, Sumatra
  • Farm: Various
  • Process: Washed, Wet-hulled
  • Region: Various
  • Variety: Various

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark